Welcome to the future of regional transport in New South Wales. Our Strategic Regional Integrated Transport Plans (SRITPs) are at the heart of reimagining how we connect our communities, support local economies, and plan for sustainable growth in nine regions across the state. These comprehensive plans are tailored to address the evolving transportation needs and aspirations of regional NSW over a 20-year horizon, ensuring everyone has access to safe, reliable, and efficient transport options.

Whether you commute daily, depend on local transport services, or are part of the vibrant network that keeps our regional economies thriving, your voice is crucial in shaping the SRITPs. Explore through the links below for each region share your thoughts and be a part of crafting transport solutions that work for everyone.

Your Region, Your Transport, Your Voice

Select your region below to learn more about the SRITPs, view the delivery dates, and provide your valuable feedback:

We are eager to hear from you. If you are keen to speak to someone directly, please send us an email at engage.sritps@transport.nsw.gov.au and we will get in touch with details on how and when you can get involved.