The NSW Government is developing a new NSW Women’s Strategy. The focus of the strategy will be to provide opportunities for women to realise their goals and reduce the barriers that hold back achievement.

To help develop this strategy, we want to hear from women and girls about their experiences and priorities. We will also review evidence on women’s progress and consult with relevant community groups.

The next strategy will focus on three broad ‘pillars’:

  • Economic opportunity
  • Health and well-being
  • Participation and empowerment

The Discussion Paper outlines these pillars in detail and includes questions that will help guide the strategy’s development.

You can have your say about what is important for the next NSW Women’s Strategy in any of the following ways:

  • Complete the online survey. This survey covers all the consultation questions in this Discussion Paper.
  • Or you can access the Easy Read Version of the discussion paper which is designed for audiences with a disability, low literacy or where English is an additional language.
  • In limited cases we can accept submissions. If you would like to make a submission, email us at to let us know.
  • If you have a disability or require translation or other support to have your say, email us at and someone will be in contact with you.

Thank you for your feedback

This consultation is now closed. Thank you for participating and sharing your stories. We are currently reviewing your feedback.

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This survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who has completed it.

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Quick poll

Quick Poll

Which is the most important issue to be addressed to create a positive future for women and girls?

This poll has concluded.

  • Reducing the gender pay gap
    25% (203 votes)
  • Culturally safe workplaces
    5% (43 votes)
  • Preventing violence against women
    46% (372 votes)
  • Access to health services designed to meet the needs of women
    12% (97 votes)
  • Better access to quality, affordable childcare
    12% (100 votes)
Total Votes: 815