In NSW, tenants can take direct and immediate action to end their tenancy to escape violence. They can do this without penalty if they or their children are experiencing domestic violence.

The NSW Government introduced changes to the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010 in 2019 to allow tenants to end their tenancy this way. Around 33 per cent of people are renting in NSW; we would like to know how much people know about the domestic violence rental laws and how they are being used.

Your feedback will help make sure the laws are still appropriate, or if they need to be changed to make them work better for those who use or are affected by them.

* Please note: the content in this consultation may raise issues for you. If this is the case you can seek further advice and support from the links on the Domestic violence in a rental property page.

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We want to hear from tenants, property managers, landlords and people who provide advocacy, support or legal services for victims of domestic violence.

To have your say, complete our survey. You can also upload or send a written submission.

Have your say by 5 pm Friday, 2 December 2022.

The issues paper includes information and questions that may help you with drafting your submission.

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Upload a submission

Upload a submission

Submissions for this consultation are now closed.

Submissions close 5 pm Friday, 2 December 2022

We invite public submissions from anyone interested, including:

  • residential tenancy advocacy organisations
  • the NSW real estate and property services industry
  • industry associations and organisations
  • domestic violence support and advocacy groups
  • refuge or emergency accommodation organisations
  • health practitioners and other professionals known as ‘competent persons’ under the law. This includes registered social workers, approved counsellors and government child welfare officers
  • legal practitioners.

If you wish to participate, we will value submissions from victim-survivors of domestic violence who may have used or considered using the domestic violence rental laws. You can request to remain anonymous and you do not have to provide any personal details with your submission.

Submissions will be made publicly available, unless otherwise stated

Please note that submissions will be made publicly available. If you do not want your personal details or any part of your submission published, please indicate this clearly. However, there may be times where the Government is required to release the information in your responses, such as under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

If you have concerns about your submission being published or being connected back to you, or if it raises concerns for your safety, anonymous submissions will also be accepted and will be referred to as such in the final report.

Form of submissions

Submissions may be a short letter outlining your views on a particular question, issue or point of law. They can also be a more detailed document covering a range of issues or specifically targeting the questions identified in the issues paper.

Where possible, it will be helpful if you provide examples or case studies to support your submission, de-identified if necessary.

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Privacy collection notice

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