Community scheme laws affect people living and working in nearly 3,000 community, precinct or neighbourhood schemes across NSW. They are an increasingly popular lifestyle choice with a range of convenient communal facilities.

Community land schemes may be rural subdivisions or large closed communities and include commercial and residential tenants.

New draft Regulations for Community Land Management and Community Land Development modernise community schemes laws for owners, tenants and managing agents. They aim to ensure the new Community Land Management Act 2021 and the Community Land Development Act 2021 work effectively and deliver key reforms.

Improving flexibility and governance arrangements

To help these new Acts deliver key reforms, we’d like to hear how the proposed regulations can be shaped to improve the experience of people who live or work in nearly 3,000 community land schemes in NSW, or are involved in their development.

The proposed regulations aim to:

  • provide modern, flexible and democratic governance arrangements
  • improve maintenance of shared property and financial management
  • support a simpler and more flexible development process
  • create consistency between community lands and strata schemes laws in NSW.

Changes are described in detail in the:

New community land laws started on 1 December 2021

Following the public consultation conducted in July 2021, the new community land laws started in NSW on 1 December 2021. The full details are available on the NSW Legislation website:

Thank you for your feedback

This engagement is now closed. Thank you for participating and sharing your feedback and comments. The Community Land Management Act 2021 and Community Land Development Act 2021 commenced on 1 December 2021.

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