AI is the ability of a computer to do tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

We don’t yet have a personal robot, but perhaps you do use Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. If you’re lucky enough to have a car that can parallel park itself, then you're using AI. Websites use AI to suggest other products that you may be interested in. Banks use AI to detect fraud and alert customers to suspicious activity.

The NSW Government also uses AI, such as to improve our public transport - see our 'NSW Stories' below.

Like with all innovation, we need to ensure the safe, ethical and effective use of AI

We believe that the NSW Government can use AI to benefit the community and is taking actions to ensure that AI is used safely, ethically and effectively. We have an AI Strategy that outlines our vision for the use of AI, and ensures transparency, fairness and accountability.

Our strategy sets out the practical steps we will take as we develop more uses for AI. It includes an Ethics Policy and User Guide based on these principles:

  • community benefit - deliver the best outcome for the citizen
  • fairness - includes safeguards to manage data bias or quality risks
  • privacy and security - keep data safe
  • transparency - ensures citizens can question and challenge AI-based outcomes
  • accountability - decision-making remains the responsibility of organisations and individuals

We are also forming an AI Advisory Committee with Government and non-Government experts to give us external and professional input on AI activity.

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We are also asking industry and AI experts to have their say about working with us on AI and emerging technologies.

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts and ideas. The AI Advisory Committee, formed in early 2021 is now the AI Review Committee, which reviews our use of AI and created the first AI Assurance Framework in the world. Read more in the News section, below.



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