We already use artificial intelligence (AI) for a wide range of purposes such as anticipating maintenance for public transport, detecting and preventing illnesses, and identifying and protecting threatened species.

Help shape the future of how government uses AI

Collaborating with industry, academia and other AI experts is critical in making the best steps towards embracing emerging technologies. We are also asking the public for their feedback.

Together we want to focus on innovative, data-driven solutions for everyday and complex problems that will benefit our customers and communities.

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts and ideas. The AI Advisory Committee, formed in early 2021 is now the AI Review Committee, which reviews our use of AI and created the first AI Assurance Framework in the world. Read more in the News section, below.

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Discussion forum

Discussion forum

How would you like to see government better work with AI experts, such as yourself?

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Quick Poll

Quick Poll

What is most needed to improve industry and government collaboration in AI?

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  • More information about AI requirements in procurement documentation
    9% (3 votes)
  • Increased education on the Strategy, Ethics Policy and User Guide
    9% (3 votes)
  • Additional industry input in the development of policy around the use of AI
    25% (8 votes)
  • Clearer understanding of AI opportunities across government
    56% (18 votes)
Total Votes: 32