Share your thoughts about safety at regional train stations

As part of the new Safe Accessible Transport program, the NSW Government is upgrading nine regional train stations to make public transport more safe, inclusive, and easy to use for all passengers.

We are undertaking research at various sites to ensure future planning meets the needs of the community. As part of this, we are conducting research to understand women and girls’ perceptions of safety when moving through and using the station precinct. The aim of this research is to gather evidence that can inform the design of future improvements to make it safer and more comfortable for women and girls at all times of the day.

Tell us what you think

If you’re a woman, or a parent of children who uses one of the train stations listed below, we want to know what makes you feel safe, and what improvements could be taken to make the area feel safer, particularly after dark. Please select a station to complete a short survey and plot your feedback on the interactive map.