It's time to talk about the infrastructure and services needed in the Western Parkland City.

Consultation period extension

We've extended the consultation period until Friday 26 February 2021 to give you more time to have your say on the plans for the Western Parkland City.

Homes and jobs need infrastructure and services

The new jobs and homes needed to support our growing city must be created in the right places, at the right time.Image showing the Western Parkland City area and the initial PIC area

Help us to answer the big questions

Join us to answer the questions that are critical for transforming the Western Parkland City area:

  • can existing infrastructure be extended or improved, or is new investment needed?
  • what will it cost and how it will be funded?
  • when can it be delivered?

Tell us what you think

We've made a model to help plan for growth in homes, jobs and business with infrastructure and services they need such as electricity, water, transport and green spaces.

To have your say, complete as many of the activities as you’d like.

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Thank you for your feedback

This engagement closed on 1 March 2021. Thank you to participants for providing your input and ideas which we are currently reviewing.

Consultation report now available

Your feedback has been included in to the development of the consultation report Making the Western Parkland City: Initial Place based Infrastructure Compact Area. The work on the initial PIC, including the feedback received, is now informing the Blueprint for the Western Parkland City which is being developed by the Western Parkland City Authority. Stay informed with the latest updates at the Greater Sydney Commission website.

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Help us support communities and places with the infrastructure they need

What future jobs, careers and business do you think could be created in the Western Parkland City over the next 20 years?  Why these?


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