A Review of Sydney's motorway network is underway to make toll roads simpler and fairer.

The NSW Government has established an Independent Toll Review (also referred to as the ‘Toll Review’ and ‘Review’) to identify reform options to overhaul the toll network.

The Toll Review will ensure consistency, fairness, equitability and simplicity of toll road pricing, while ensuring our road network remains efficient and we meet our emissions reductions targets. For more information on the scope of the Review, please read the read the Terms of Reference.

The Independent Toll Review is led by Professor Allan Fels AO, former chairman of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, and Dr David Cousins AM, former Chair of the Prices Surveillance Authority and Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria.

The Government is committed to the review and its recommendations being made public. It indicated that the review would be open to submissions and would consult with the transport sector and the toll paying public.

Tell us what you think

The Independent Reviewers are inviting feedback and commentary on the Interim Report, which presents the culmination of work to date with initial findings and recommendations for toll reform.

The survey will include a series of questions grouped into themes, most of which are optional (i.e. you can answer any number of questions).

Alternatively, you have the option to submit a response by attaching a separate file. If you choose to attach a separate file, please structure your submission with reference to the findings and recommendations tabled in the Interim Report.

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