Future Transport sets the vision, directions and principles for customer mobility in NSW, guiding transport investment over the longer term.

Over the past two years the world has changed dramatically, and in NSW alone, our communities have faced natural disasters including bushfires, floods, drought and more recently the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While these challenges have significantly changed the way people live, work, travel and do business, it has accelerated the need to adapt and respond to these challenges to continue to meet customers and community needs across our state.

To address these issues, the NSW Government is currently undertaking a review of the Future Transport Strategy, our long-term plan for the future of transport across NSW. As part of the review we have developed a series of topics papers to identify a number of emerging trends and key issues that are under consideration for review, one of which is ‘sustainable infrastructure and operations’.

Sustainable infrastructure and operations

Transport for NSW can play a leading role in the transformation of NSW into an environmentally sustainable State. Transport owns and manages a very large number of assets and can lead the acceleration of more sustainable operations. We can lead change by including sustainability incentives in our contracts and the infrastructure and technology that we roll out to our customers. Transport manages around 21,000 kilometres of roads, more than 9,000 kilometres of rail tracks, more than 2,000 train carriages, more than 8,000 buses and about 300 train stations. We can do a lot with these assets to make NSW a greener, leaner, and cleaner place.

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We are seeking your feedback on how we transform NSW into an environmentally sustainable state. Your feedback will inform the Future Transport Strategy review and ultimately the vision, direction and principles for customer mobility in NSW. To help you have your say, you can read the topic paper.

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This engagement is now closed. Thank you to participants for providing your input and ideas which we are currently reviewing.

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Online event

Replay of the Future Transport Livestream

Transport for NSW held a livestream and Q&A to launch the review of the Future Transport strategy and the seven issues paper with Tim Raimond, Chief Transport Planner, and the team.