Helping councils set up Special Entertainment Precincts in their local areas.

The Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner is preparing new guidelines to support more councils looking to establish Special Entertainment Precincts (SEPs) across NSW. Councils can establish SEPs to support their night-time economies and embrace more creative activities.

SEPs support live music and performance venues by allowing them to stay open longer. This not only benefits venues, but also supports nearby residents and businesses, by creating more vibrant districts.

SEPs are complemented by other precinct-based initiatives being led by the Office of 24 Hour Economy Commissioner, including the Purple Flag Program, a night-time precinct management accreditation program, and the Uptown Program, a district development program for local business communities.

Tell us what you think

We would like to hear from local councils that may have an interest in setting up a SEP in their local area.

Fill out the short survey and register your council for further discussion with the Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner on the steps to establish a SEP, and to provide feedback on services being prepared to support councils.

Any responses provided to this Expression of Interest will be used by the Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner for the purpose of scoping and consulting on future guidance and support for councils, and otherwise will not be published or shared publicly without a council's express agreement.

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