Share your feedback on how you want to use Opal services now and into the future.

The Minister for Transport has asked the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to determine appropriate maximum fares for Opal public transport services until 30 June 2028. Included in the review are most train, metro, bus, light rail, ferry and on-demand services within the Opal network area.

IPART has published a short Information Paper summarising key considerations. We have also released a longer Issues Paper about the review.

Tell us what you think

IPART welcomes feedback on the Issues Paper. We want to hear from both users of the Opal network and those who don't use it as well as industry organisations, contracted service providers and government agencies. Your feedback will help is set Opal fares that reflect how people want to use these services into the future.

You can respond until 3 March 2024 by:

  • completing the survey and/or quick poll
  • sharing an idea, and/or
  • making a submission.

There will be further opportunities to provide feedback throughout the review. IPART will publish a Draft Report and hold a public hearing mid-2024.

IPART will release final decisions and recommendations in September 2024.

Quick poll

Quick Poll

What's your main purpose for using public transport?

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Commuting and other work related trips
45% (271 votes)
Social and/or recreational trips
18% (106 votes)
Travel for study/education
4% (22 votes)
1% (5 votes)
Personal business (e.g. attend appointments)
4% (22 votes)
Special events (e.g. to attend a sporting event)
1% (6 votes)
Most of my travel is by public transport
27% (161 votes)
I don’t use public transport
1% (6 votes)
Total Votes: 599

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What's one way that could improve how you pay to use the Opal network?

This could include weekly or daily caps, other discounts, distance-based fares, concessions, subscription packages, etc.

29 February, 2024

Save T3 Bankstown Li says:

Birrong & Yagoona commuters should have reduced fares to encourage public transport usage as both stations won't have any trains to Central

28 February, 2024

Sue says:

The Opal Card is a fantastic resource but it won’t make any money if the card readers don’t work. B-line bus readers work only half the time

27 February, 2024

Steven says:

Australia's other capital cities have cheaper daily transport caps. See what they're doing and see if it'll work for Sydney

27 February, 2024

Steven says:

Can we please have the OPAL Card statewide? Why not have it valid in Cooma or Shoalhaven or Broken Hill or Wagga or Byron?

24 February, 2024

John says:

Move the off-peak from 10:00am to where it used to be Pre-COVID 9:00am. This will encourage workers to opt in to start working a bit later.

24 February, 2024

Taylor says:

Get rid of the airport access fee

24 February, 2024

John c says:

Free public transport. Then so many more people will use it and this absurd opal system can be abolished.

23 February, 2024

Joshua says:

For train, the current shorter distance (0-20km) travel is heavily subsiding longer distance (35-65km, 65km+). Unfair

23 February, 2024

SK says:

For train travel in or out of the Sydney CBD, a distance of 3.21km is automatically added. This is very unfair and should be changed.

23 February, 2024

Davechhabra says:

With increase in cost of living and public transport is a great way to offer low income earners and disadvantage people to be connected .

22 February, 2024

Jonathan says:

Add more retailers for Opal top up and station ticket office should have buying/recharge Opal card

17 February, 2024

DrSuz says:

Make it much easier and faster to have fares adjusted when needed; staff do a terrible and rude job of this, especially for complex journeys

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