We want your feedback on how the Department of Customer Service can better cater to multicultural communities

The Department of Customer Service’s (DCS) vision is to give the people of NSW a great customer experience when they interact with the NSW Government. We are responsible for ensuring NSW Government agencies are doing the best they can for NSW customers.

To make sure we are providing the best services to multicultural communities, we are creating a Multicultural Plan. We want this plan to be informed by our multicultural community. In addition to this consultation, DCS will be consulting with several multicultural communities and community leaders to make sure we are moving in the right direction when delivering key services to our customers.

Tell us what you think

This consultation is an important step to improve the way that we support communities from multicultural backgrounds. We want to hear from organisations working with multicultural communities as well as people in our community to help inform our Multicultural Plan.

Thank you for your feedback

This engagement is now closed. Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts and ideas. We are currently reviewing your feedback.

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