The NSW Government is seeking your feedback on proposed improvements to the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 to ensure all users of our waterways have a safe experience out on the water.

Transport is responsible for overseeing regulatory frameworks including the Marine Safety Act 1998 (MSA) and the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 (MSR).

The MSR covers the safe operation of ports and other waterways, the responsible operation of all vessels, the protection of safety and amenity of waterway users, and provides an effective framework for the enforcement of marine legislation and managing investigations.

A comprehensive review of the MSR is being undertaken and the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 Discussion Paper has been developed. This discussion paper identifies proposals to improve the regulation and ensure it is meeting the objectives of the MSA. The proposals presented in the paper are intended to gather feedback and do not yet represent formal views of the NSW Government.

Tell us what you think

The purpose of this consultation is to seek your feedback on proposals to improve the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 (MSR) and any other areas of focus. Proposals in the discussion paper have been grouped into these four broad themes:

  1. Safer recreational boating
  2. Safer port operations
  3. Modernising the framework
  4. Compliance and enforcement

There are also complimentary amendments to the MSA proposed.

Prior to undertaking the survey, respondents are encouraged to review the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 Remake Discussion Paper.

There are over 45 questions across the four themes related to the MSR and proposals to the MSA. We recommend that you register to the Have Your Say website before you start any of the surveys as this ensures your responses are saved as you progress.

The eight-week period of consultation will be open until 5pm 20 January 2023. You can provide your feedback by undertaking the survey or providing a written submission.

All-in-one survey

This is the recommended option if you are going to respond to more than one topic.

  • ​Review of the Marine Safety Regulation 2016

    Review of the Marine Safety Regulation 2016

    Have your say on all topics in our all-in-one survey.

    If completing this survey, you are still able to skip through themes and respond to the ones you are most interested in.

Single theme surveys

Find out more about the proposed reforms and complete a single theme survey.

  • Safer recreational boating: promoting improved safety outcomes for boating and commercial activities.

  • Safer port operations: supporting the safe operation of NSW ports, given their vitally important role to the community, trade and the State’s economy

  • Modernising the framework: modernising the regulation to reflect the current operating environment, improve consistency with national laws.

  • Compliance and enforcement: improving safety outcomes by amending provisions to clarify or promote compliance requirements and enforcement provisions.

  • Proposed complimentary changes to the Proposed complimentary changes to the Marine Safety Act 1998:

Thank you for your feedback

This engagement is now closed. Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts and ideas. We are currently reviewing your feedback.

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