Have your say on improving the regulatory framework for people working with explosives.

The NSW Government is remaking the Explosives Regulation 2013.

Remaking the Regulation provides the Government with an opportunity to consider public feedback on how to improve, modernise and streamline the laws, so they continue to work effectively.

The proposed Regulation retains many of the existing requirements for licence holders and explosives users. It also updates the regulatory framework and introduces changes intended to enhance safety.

These include:

  • classifying desensitised explosives as explosive precursors 
  • new obligations for employers to be informed of suspended or cancelled security clearances and licences 
  • security clearance exemptions for NSW police officers
  • clarifying storage requirements for firearms licence holders 
  • expanding the prohibition of certain loads of explosives being transported in NSW road tunnels.

Whether you’re in the explosives industry or have any other interest in these laws, we want to hear your feedback.

Changes are described in detail in the:

Thank you for your feedback

This consultation was open between 26 July 2021 and 29 August 2021.

We received 238 completed surveys and 17 written submissions.

Thank you to participants for providing your input and ideas. All feedback and submissions have been carefully considered and will inform the continued development of the Explosives Regulation remake.

Submissions with permission to publish are now available in the ‘Submissions’ box on this page.

The repeal of the Explosives Regulation 2013 was postponed until 1 September 2024 by the Building and Other Fair Trading Legislation Amendment Bill 2022. We will seek further feedback from industry and the community on a new draft Regulation through public consultation.

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Remaking regulations for the NSW explosives industry

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