Help us develop the NSW Emerging Technology Strategy to drive innovation, create jobs and increase prosperity across NSW.

Emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and biotechnology are expected to drive future economies and radically transform the way we live.

Positioning NSW for the future

We aim to place NSW at the forefront of this future economy and are developing the NSW Emerging Technology Strategy as a road map.

Let’s develop NSW’s emerging technology strengths into a globally competitive, inclusive ecosystem, driving innovation across industries, creating jobs, and increasing prosperity for the people of NSW.

Thank you for your feedback

Your views informed the Emerging Digital Technologies Strategy, released on 10 January 2023. Thank you for your feedback.

From 27 September to 1 November 2022, you gave feedback about:

  • what are the technologies of the future?
  • are these technologies being adopted for business uses?
  • are there barriers to adoption and commercialisation?
  • how can NSW Government assist businesses to harness the potential?

Researchers in emerging technology, incubators, investors, early adopters, and people and organisations supporting emerging technologies were asked for input.

Emerging technology survey

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