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Your digital identity allows you to prove who you are online in a safe, secure and convenient way. If you claimed a Dine & Discover NSW voucher, have a digital driver licence, or a fishing or boating licence through your Service NSW app, you're one of millions of people in NSW who have used their digital credentials and digital identity.

Digital inclusion is about ensuring that everyone can access and use online services and digital technologies effectively.

Barriers to Digital Inclusion

There are many reasons why someone may not be able to access the digital services and products they need. While everyone's situation is unique, there are common themes to explain why some people may find it hard to use online services. Some of these themes can be related to:

  • Connectivity: e.g. there is no or limited internet connection in the area you live
  • Affordability: e.g. you cannot afford the amount of internet data or devices you need
  • Skills: e.g. you or someone you care for does not have the skills to use the internet
  • Accessibility: e.g. you live with a disability and find the information online difficult to access; the information online is not available in your preferred language; you find the online services are limited compared to the outcome you could get if you called or visited a service centre in person
  • Security/Trust: e.g. you have concerns over privacy or how your data might be used.

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Your participation in this survey will help us to identify areas for improving digital inclusion and prioritise the initiatives that will ensure digital identity and verifiable credentials are inclusive and easily accessible to everyone.

To ensure everyone has a say, and for those who might have difficulties accessing this online survey, we are conducting face to face interviews, focus groups and reaching out to our communities directly. If you wish to participate in these non-online methods of consultation, please contact our project team on or by phoning 0436 695 476.

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Quick Poll

Quick Poll

What are the main barriers to obtaining a digital identity that you currently face?

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  • Connectivity
    12% (16 votes)
  • Affordability
    5% (6 votes)
  • Skills
    6% (8 votes)
  • Accessibility (Design)
    11% (15 votes)
  • Security/Trust
    43% (57 votes)
  • I do not encounter any barriers
    23% (31 votes)
Total Votes: 133