Help us make it easier for you to do things like open a bank account, buy a phone, start a new job, prove your age or enrol to study.

If you claimed a Dine & Discover NSW voucher, have a Digital Driver Licence credential, or a fishing or boating licence through your Service NSW app, you're one of millions of people in NSW who've used their digital credentials and digital identity.

Choice, security, and privacy are key to providing even more services that you can use with confidence

Imagine if you could also use your Service NSW app to prove your identity online and apply for or renew a licence or a certificate, such as a First Aid or Birth Certificate, with a few simple clicks anytime anywhere, without the need to be present in person?

What if you could use your Service NSW app to verify eligibility for your pensioner or student travel fare discount or enter your gym or apartment?

This may all be possible in the future through digital wallets such as the Service NSW app. If you choose to securely store and use your digital identity and verifiable credentials in your Service NSW app these will only be stored on your device.

It will be your choice whether to use or not use a digital identity or credential.

Better access to services and greater control over your personal information

We aim to empower you by offering digital identity and credentials that give you:

  • Choice – You’ll have more choice in the way you prove your identity or eligibility when accessing government and non-government services
  • Control – You’ll be in full control when sharing your personal information and know exactly what information is shared
  • Consent – You’ll be in charge and without your explicit consent none of your information will be shared
  • Convenience – You can seamlessly and digitally prove your identity and share or verify your credentials in a way that suits you
  • Confidence – You can feel assured by the proven processes and robust safeguards.

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