In today's world it's important to make good decisions based on data

We have the NSW Data Sharing (Government Sector) Act 2015 to allow data sharing between NSW Government agencies. It's intended to improve decision-making and to help us provide better services for the people in NSW.

For instance, we use data to alert you about a bushfire or we combine lots of data (information) to help build better sports or transport facilities. See some examples below in the Stories section on ways we've used data sharing.

Your privacy is important

The NSW Government recognises that while we need to embrace data sharing, it must be done so within privacy provisions and appropriate data safeguards to build and maintain trust.

Thank you for your feedback

The review is now complete. We reviewed your input and used it to inform findings and recommendations that were presented to parliament in July 2021. See the News feed for a summary of the findings and recommendations. Thank you for your contributions to shaping the future of data sharing in NSW.

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Data sharing is important because

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  • It benefits me as I share my information once
    13% (5 votes)
  • It helps tell important stories for making informed decisions
    21% (8 votes)
  • It keeps the NSW Government at the forefront of data and digital leadership
    21% (8 votes)
  • It forces the Government to update and manage security and privacy safeguards
    21% (8 votes)
  • It helps deliver the services I and my community need
    24% (9 votes)
Total Votes: 38