NSW Reconstruction Authority is seeking feedback on a set of draft guidelines to improve how we plan for and reduce the impacts of disasters in NSW.

The draft Disaster Adaptation Plan (DAP) Guidelines explain our approach to the preparation and implementation of DAPs across NSW and align with the State Disaster Mitigation plan.

We know that successful disaster adaptation planning requires a coordinated, place and community-centred approach. The process outlined in the guidelines for the development of DAPs provide an opportunity for us to work together to enable more effective disaster risk reduction. We cannot achieve this independently.

DAPs will draw together hazard risk information, community insights, and existing plans to reduce natural hazard risks in a defined geographic area. These options might include mitigation infrastructure such as flood levees or sea walls, changes to planning controls on development in certain areas or investing in evacuation capacity upgrades to local and state roads.

The Reconstruction Authority is committed to playing its part, but we know local and regional actors are best placed to make local and regional decisions about the kinds of solutions that we need.

This consultation is about making sure the DAP model and process work for councils, State government agencies, critical infrastructure providers and the community and understanding what the RA can do to help successfully implement it.

Based on the feedback received through this consultation the guidelines will be finalised for release later in 2024.

Together we can chart a course to a better prepared NSW.

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We are seeking feedback from interested parties on the draft DAP Guidelines.

You can complete the survey below, upload a document with your written feedback, or send us an email until 5pm, Friday 23 August 2024.

Your input will give NSW Reconstruction Authority valuable information to ensure the final DAP Guidelines meet the needs of our communities.

We may contact you to better understand your feedback. If you would be like to be contacted, you can let us know in the survey.

To help provide your feedback, you might like to read the draft Disaster Adaptation Plan Guidelines or a 4 page overview.

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