Transport for NSW is proposing new policy to make it easier for Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) to be set up in NSW, and we would like your feedback.

A Community Improvement District (CID) is a place-based partnership between local government and the community, led by local businesses, to support and grow local economies, town centres and main streets. Within a CID, stakeholders work together for a common goal of improving local spaces.

Why are CIDs being proposed?

CIDs can help enhance the local trading environment, encourage economic growth, and enable community pride. CIDs are one of the ways that the community and business can come together to improve local places. We are proposing new policy to make it easier for CIDs to be established where local businesses and the community think they would be useful.

The draft Community Improvement Districts Bill 2023

The draft Community Improvement Districts Bill 2023 (the draft Bill) sets out proposed legislation to establish CIDs in NSW and will be supported by regulations and related guidance. Transport for NSW is releasing the draft Bill for public comment so stakeholders can shape the final legislation.

The draft Bill has three objectives:

  • to provide for the establishment and operation of CIDs for the benefit of businesses and local communities
  • to provide for the delivery of services, projects, and activities by CID entities in CIDs funded by CID levies, and
  • to regulate CID entities, CID proposals, CID proposal ballots, and the delivery of services, projects and activities funded by CID levies.

Tell us what you think

We are keen to hear your views on the draft Bill and its objectives.

The Draft Community Improvement Districts Bill 2023 and A Guide to the Draft Community Improvement Districts Bill are available to download. You can contribute to the discussion by completing the survey or uploading a submission below.

It’s important that we understand your feedback correctly, and so we may contact you to better understand your feedback. If you are willing to discuss your feedback further with us, please let us know in the survey that you’re happy to be contacted.

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For more information on Community Improvement District (CID), we invite you to visit our website, where you can access Frequently Asked Questions and a recorded webinar that delves deeper into the key aspects of the Bill. For any CID specific question feel free to reach out to us at

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