Careers NSW wants your input towards a complementary careers guidance service for high school students.

The establishment of Careers NSW was announced by the NSW Premier in March 2021 and the Careers NSW adults pilot program was launched in November 2021.

In recent Have Your Say consultations, Careers NSW sought public opinion on when careers guidance should be introduced to school age students. These results have helped the NSW Government to explore a trial for high school age students offering complementary career guidance services. A summary of the analysis of past consultations is available on the Careers NSW Have Your Say page.

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Careers NSW is now working on the planning and delivery of phase 2: a trial of complementary career guidance services for school stakeholders.

In addition to seeking further clarification on what elements of a career guidance service are essential to the overall success of Careers NSW, we are seeking your input on the specific career guidance needs of high school students and their parents/guardians, teachers, career advisors, and school executive teams.

Your responses will help us to understand the important elements needed in a complementary careers guidance service for school age students in NSW and ensure many voices contribute to the development of this innovative, complementary service. In addition to this survey, Careers NSW will make further opportunities available for you to provide input.

As this survey is voluntary, you are encouraged to complete as many questions as you like. Careers NSW appreciate whatever you have to say.

If you are a NSW high school student, we would encourage you to seek permission from a parent or guardian regarding your involvement in this consultation. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Thank you for your feedback

This engagement is now closed. Thank you to participants for providing your input and ideas which we are currently reviewing.

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