People who own, live in, or want to buy a strata property, and those who work in strata-related industries don't have easy access to the information they need. We want your views on how to make it easier.

Getting information can be difficult

It’s too hard right now for people living or intending to live in a strata scheme to access basic information about a particular building. For example, who the strata managing agent is (or who to contact in a self-managed strata scheme).

There are other groups of people who need information quickly to respond to a maintenance or other emergency. For example, emergency services responding to a fire alarm or the gas company responding to a gas leak.

What will the Strata Hub do for me?

Once complete, the single digital Strata Hub could provide:

  • Access to certain strata information (e.g. fire inspection reports)
  • Contact details for strata managing agents (or the best contact for the owners corporation in self-managed schemes)
  • How environmentally friendly a building is - showing its NABERS rating (National Australian Built Environmental Performance of buildings and tenancies)
  • Digital management of the bond for new strata buildings (Strata Building Bond and Inspections Scheme)
  • A seamless digital platform that joins up the development application process to the construction and management of strata buildings
  • NSW Government updates and information tailored for you, depending on your profile.

We want to understand your experiences with strata information and communication. Your input will help us build the Strata Hub.

Thank you for your feedback

This engagement closed on 2 April 2021. Thank you to participants for providing your input and ideas. We are taking this on board to design a Strata Hub that meets your needs. For details, see the News tab below. If you have any questions or more feedback, please email us at

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Your feedback for the Strata Hub

28 Oct 2021

Thank you for your valuable feedback on what strata information you’d like to see on the Strata Hub. Some of your comments expressed a need for easier access to basic information including contact details for strata schemes, as well as strata education and resources.

With nearly 800 responses received from a wide cross section of the strata community and strata-related industries, we have been closely reviewing the feedback. This input is helping us to:

  • understand your priorities
  • address how best to provide you with the strata information you need
  • scope and refine our plans for the Strata Hub.
In August 2021, the Strata building bond & inspections scheme was digitised and launched(External link) as the first phase of the Strata Hub. This scheme requires developers to provide money to cover the cost of fixing early defects found in newly constructed strata buildings four levels and higher.We are continuing to develop the Strata Hub which will be delivered in phases. To build on the Strata Hub, there is a new annual reporting requirement for strata schemes, starting from 30 June 2022. Find out more about the information to be reported. If you live, own or work in strata or a related industry, refer to the new rules set out in the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Information) Regulation 2021(External link

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