Help build a strong, vibrant and high-quality research and development (R&D) sector in NSW to drive future economic growth and create high-value sustainable jobs.

Help shape the future of the NSW R&D sector

We want to focus NSW’s R&D investment on sectors, technologies and applications where we have competitive advantages for future industries.

Collaboration across industry, academia and government is critical for the roadmap design and will provide data-driven and evidence-based policy to guide our work.

Accelerating R&D Action Plan

In January 2021, NSW launched the Turning ideas into jobs: Accelerating R&D in NSW Action Plan. The Action Plan recommends five Priority Actions and 16 Supporting Actions that will accelerate the rate at which ideas are translated into new industries, jobs, products and services, and will help make NSW the R&D leader in Australia and a world-class contributor.

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Help us shape the future of NSW R&D sector for the benefit of our state and its people. Have your say and share your ideas on the -

  • 20 Year NSW Research and Development Roadmap (Action Plan, Supporting Action 6): the NSW Government is developing a Research and Development Roadmap (the Roadmap) that identifies current and future research and industry competitive advantages. This Roadmap will assist the NSW Government prioritise its own R&D investments, and provide a signal to industry and researchers on what R&D investment opportunities exist in NSW.
  • NSW R&D Matchmaking Platform (Action Plan, Priority Action 5): the NSW Government is establishing an online R&D matchmaking platform to better connect research ‘sellers’ and ‘buyers’ and link researchers to infrastructure and expertise. It's envisaged that such a platform will enable improvement in knowledge, visibility and transparency of all parts of the R&D ecosystem and better connect universities and research providers to government, industry and investors.

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NSW 20-Year R&D Roadmap Released - May 2022

The NSW 20-Year R&D Roadmap is a long-term strategy for turning the state’s research and development (R&D) capabilities into world-leading industries and jobs for future generations.

The Roadmap is the result of an extensive research and stakeholder consultation process and identifies four technology themes – digital, materials and chemistry, biotechnology, and energy – and 39 applications, which will help government and industry focus R&D investment over the next 20 years.

Take a look at the NSW 20-Year R&D Roadmap | Chief Scientist

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  • Circular economy
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  • Finance
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  • Environment and energy
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  • Resources and mining
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  • Information Communication Technology
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  • Agriculture and food
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  • Education services
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