Code of practice explained

Some common codes of practice terms explained

    What is meant by reasonably practicable?

    'Reasonably practicable' is a term used in work health and safety legislation. This means that a duty-holder must meet the standard of behaviour expected of a reasonable person in the duty-holder's position, and who is required to comply with the same duty.

    What is a PCBU?

    A ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU) is a broad term used throughout work health and safety legislation to describe all forms of modern working arrangements.

    What is the definition of an injured worker?

    An injured worker is a person who is injured at work or becomes sick because of work.

    What is meant by the scope of the code?

    The scope refers to what and who is covered by the code of practice. 

    To find out what and who is covered, search for 'scope' in the table of contents of any SafeWork NSW code of practice.

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