What information will be on the Strata Hub? Who will have access to it?

Information held on the Strata Hub will have robust privacy and security measures in place including user verification. There will be different levels of access for the different types of information on the Strata Hub. Strata schemes will report the following information annually:

Full list of information proposed for annual reporting
To be publicly disclosed Only disclosed to people in the strata scheme Not to be publicly disclosed
Strata plan number, and when the strata scheme was originally registered Contact details for the owners corporation secretary, and strata managing agent and building manager (if any) Any NABERS ratings for the scheme's buildings
Strata scheme's address, number of lots, and what they are used for The date of issue for the latest Annual Fire Safety Statement The date of issue for interim and final occupation certificate(s)
Whether the strata scheme is part of a larger community or precinct scheme The insured replacement value for the strata scheme
When the most recent annual general meeting (AGM) was held Whether the scheme has formed a strata renewal committee
The balance of the scheme's Capital Works Fund (on last financial statement required for AGM)
For apartment buildings, how many storeys they have above ground

This information may also be shared with other regulatory authorities, local councils and emergency services. For example, in cases where NSW Fire and Rescue or Ambulance services can’t get into a building, they may contact the secretary or building manager to request access.

Information collected on the Strata Hub will also be subject to the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 which means the Department of Customer Service may be required by law to release certain information.

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