Outcomes from the Maritime Safety Plan 2021

Implementation of the MSP 2021 has resulted in new ongoing maritime safety programs and informed development of additional countermeasures identified in the MSP 2026. Key achievements delivered through implementation of the MSP 2021 include:

  • A successful behaviour change program to promote correct lifejacket wear and servicing of lifejackets, including establishment of inflatable lifejacket self-service clinics at key boating locations and a retail partner program. Results show the campaign has strong recognition above norm at 64% (57% norm) and is positively impacting behavioural outcome objectives with boaters who have seen the campaign.
  • The establishment of the Maritime Safe System Data Excellence Program to expand our maritime safety evidence base and data insights to inform safety initiatives and operations.
  • The delivery of the Boating Now program which has added increased accessibility and safety across NSW Waterways through the delivery of more than 200 infrastructure projects.
  • New boating safety alerts – Transport for NSW has developed new ways of reaching boaters with general safety and weather alerts. Three trial Variable Messaging Signs (VMS) were installed at high-traffic boat ramps across the state from September 2020. This is coupled with new safety alerts issued by the Deckee companion app and targeted alerts via social media.
  • The Aboriginal Maritime Safety Plan was launched in November 2020. Its aim is to help reduce Aboriginal representation in boating trauma. It acknowledges the need for ongoing collaboration with Aboriginal communities together with the design and implementation of culturally appropriate boating safety programs.
  • Enhanced digital engagement: Transport for NSW launched a new boating safety website (http://lifejacketwearit.com.au) in October 2020. This has enhanced utilities for customers such as interactive tools to select a suitable lifejacket, finding the e nearest lifejacket-servicing location and rich educational content around priority boating safety issues.
  • Refreshed and updated NSW Boating Handbook in 2021 to make boating laws and regulations clearer for boaters.
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