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    What is a code of practice?

    An approved code of practice provides detailed information on how you can achieve the standards required under the work health and safety (WHS) laws.

    These do not replace the WHS laws, but codes of practice can be issued to help make understanding what you have to do a little easier. 

    There are more than 20 Codes of Practice of a range of topics

    For more information and to see other codes, visit the SafeWork Australia Code of Practice Guidance Fact Sheet and SafeWork NSW website.

    Why a code of practice?

    Very few NSW businesses say they are confident that they know what they must do under work health and safety laws to prevent workplace psychological health risks, so their staff don’t get hurt. 

    The draft Code of practice on managing the risks to psychological health provides guidance on how to comply with the work health and safety duty to manage workplace risks that may contribute to psychological injuries.