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    You can provide feedback on any part of the proposed changes.
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    Can I get accessible versions of the documents?

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    What is the Compliance Declaration Scheme?

    The registration of Design Practitioners, Principal Design Practitioners and Building Practitioners to provide Compliance Declarations.

    What is the Professional Engineers Scheme?

    The registration of engineers to carry out professional engineering work.

    Which practitioners will need to be registered under these schemes?

    • Design Practitioners - architects, engineers or designers who prepare certain designs for class 2 buildings and buildings that contain a class 2 part
    • Building Practitioners - builders or developers who agree to do building work for class 2 buildings and buildings that contain a class 2 part
    • Professional Engineers - people who carry out professional engineering work for designing and constructing class 2 buildings and buildings that contain a class 2 part.

    What is the Building Code of Australia?

    A document within the National Construction Code that outlines the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design and construction of buildings or building work in Australia.

    What is a class 2 building, or a building with a class 2 component?

    Class 2 buildings are typically multi-unit residential apartment buildings where people live above and below each other. Mixed-use buildings that contain a class 2 part may have commercial office spaces, shops or restaurants in the same building. These reforms apply to all parts of the building, not just the class 2 part.