Sepsis Detection

by Roy,

NSW Health – Sepsis Detection: eHealth NSW is developing a new tool which uses AI to better detect patients with sepsis in hospital emergency department waiting rooms. It uses data from deidentified medical records, for early detection and treatment of sepsis in emergency department waiting rooms, saving patient lives and improving service levels.

Norman about 1 year ago
Thanks for your comment Bee.  We have forwarded it to NSW Health for their information
Bee over 1 year ago
I am in support of detection in waiting rooms, and this should be extended to early detection in ambulances. My mother went from the ambulance straight to the emergency department of Sutherland Hospital in August 2019, and then into the ICU. Unfortunately, pancreas specialists are at St George Hospital, not Sutherland. But as my mum had necrotising pancreatitis, she was too sick to be moved. Had the ambulance officers known her illness was septic, they might have been able to take her to St George emergency department initially instead. Suggestion: There needs to be earlier detection of sepsis in emergency departments, and in ambulances, to ensure patients are admitted to the best care.