I gave feedback on the Strata Portal earlier. How will my feedback be used now?

    The NSW Government wants to make sure it has consulted broadly. 


    We have previously asked for feedback and now we’re checking that we’ve got it right and have understood what you need and want, and if there’s anything we’ve missed. We’re also seeking feedback on the broader Strata Hub, which includes the Strata Portal.  


    This consultation also gives an opportunity for the wider community to have a say. We need this feedback so the new digital hub is useful for everyone.   

    Is this related to the other government strata consultations happening currently?

    This consultation is specific to the development of the Strata Hub. 


    Other open consultations: 

    - Help shape the future of strata in NSW, an open review of NSW strata laws. Open until 7 March 2021. 

    - A consultation with strata managing agents about Class 2 residential buildings to understand the scale and nature of major defects. This is being conducted through the Strata Community Association (NSW). Open until 28 February 2021.  

    If I use or provide information for the new digital tool, will my personal details be kept confidential?

    Strata Hub users can expect that we will treat any information they provide in line with the NSW Government’s privacy responsibilities and obligations. The NSW Government’s privacy practices are regulated by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW).

    What is an owners corporation?

    The owners corporation is made up of all the lot (property) owners in a strata scheme.